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An Idea is the first step towards Innovation. These are the Ideas, I am ambitious about. The desire to suceed coupled with greater self-expectations pumps me with motivation that keeps me going.

Witnessing the research at Aston University while studying BSc Computer Science makes me think about technical evolution and its affect on our species. I have learnt to see things from different perspectives and to consider a variety of factors prior to giving an opinion or conclusion. My professional along with the strong academic background, makes me an adaptable individual always committed to deliver work to a high standard.

I am currently looking for a 12 Month internship within UK, that could give me exposure to the tech industry.

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My professional interests include business strategy and operations, design thinking, startups, and sustainable development. I find myself having a strong interest that lies between the corporate and technology sectors.

I started as a young freelance graphics designer. Mainly focusing on corporate branding such as logos, business cards, and other promotional materials. Along with a fellow partner, I later co-founded a local digital marketing agency Sysfall based in Birmingham that targets small-startup businesses that need exposure to sustain business.

Currently I manage Oxyleon Group Limited (UK No: 11724713), a startup venture that aims to enhance the way our corporate world integrates technology. Operating under various trade names, Oxyleon offers a wide range of services from marketing to mobile app development. With a team of international freelancers we specialise in software development on a budget.

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